Canary Island Date Palm

Phoenix canariensis – Canary Island Date Palm

Native to the Canary Islands is this very hardy Palm.  Great tree for the inland areas where extreme weather conditions are experienced.  Frost hardy (can handle -6 degrees celcius) and tolerates poor soils.  Can reach 15m height – slow growing.  Prefers full sun and a free draining soil.  We currently have a large range of sizes of these palms beginning in 300 litre bags and going up to 2500 litre bags with a height of approximately 6m.

Price range:  $800 – $15,000

Below are some examples of what is available


Starting at $800.00

300 to 400mm height of trunk 2.4-3m total height in 300 litre bags





b-1000-ab-1000-b $1000.00 to $3000.00

600-800mm height of trunk 3- 3.5m height in 400 litre bags







Starting at $3000.00

1m trunk ex ground from $3,000*

*not including required crane truck delivery





From $4000.00

90cm trunk in 2500 litre bag – crane truck required







From $10,000.00

2.8m – 4m trunk in 2,500 litre bag – crane truck required

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